Weekly Net Income      
Or Bi Weekly Income       Approximate Income to Dept Ratio  
Other Weekly income         Percent    
Other Bi Weekly income            
Other Monthly Income         For a More Accurate Income to Dept  
              Ratio, Use your Gross Income Instead of Net Income.  
Total Weekly Pay            
Monthly Bills       Weekly Spend Money      
  TV & Internet   Groceries        
  Car Payment   Eating Out      
  Car Insurance   Auto Gas        
  Child Care   Clothing        
  Health     Kids Allowance      
  Other Insurance   Hobby        
  Medical     Tolls        
  Charities     Other 1        
  Rent (Mortgage)   Other 2        
  Credit Cards   Other 3     Calculation tools at bottom of page    
  Phone Bills   Other 4        
  Utilities (average)   Little Extra      
  Water & Sewer              
  Loan 1     Spend Totals      
  Loan 2                
  Other     Total Expenses      
Monthly Bills Total   Total Left Over      
  I recommend adding  10% to your bills            
  for unforeseen expenses              
Add percentage here              
Weekly Bills Total               
Bi Weekly Direct Deposit Totals   Weekly Direct Deposit   Monthly Direct Deposit    
  Checking Account No Set Balance Checking Account  No Set Balance   Checking Account No Set Balance    
  Spending Account   Spending Account   Spending Account    
  Savings Account   Savings Account   Savings Account    
Goal Balance for Savings Account      
Projected Time for Goal Balance Months      
For Extreme Budgeting only          
  Savings Total + Bills Total         Bill money returned from savings    
  Bi weekly auto deposit to savings from checking   Monthly Auto Deposit from Savings to checking  
  Or weekly auto deposit to savings from checking    
_______________________________________________________________ Calculation Tools _______________________________________________________    
Calculating Tools, type in amounts to get a monthly total.      
          Adding Machine (a+b+c+d)   Loan Calculator    
Quarterly Bill Monthly Total            
Bi Annual Bill Monthly Total     a-------------     Loan Amount  
Annual Bill Monthly Total     b-------------     Percentage Rate  
          c-------------     Years  
Weekly Bill Monthly Total     d-------------     Total Payments  
Bi Weekly Bill Monthly Total     e-------------     Monthly payments  
          f--------------     Total Value of payments  
          g-------------     Cost of Loan  
          Total      =    
Created By: Alan J. Broadwater 2006 Updated 7/30/2007    

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